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Are you looking for fun activities that are dementia-friendly or Alzheimer’s-friendly in Camberwell or the surrounding areas? Is your loved one living in an aged care facility or nursing home in Camberwell? Are they looking for something fun to do with you? It’s not always easy to find dementia or Alzheimer’s-friendly activities.

However, with the right information from us, you’ll be able to find lots of activities. Better still, they will be both fun and helpful for a loved one with memory impairment. So which activities are suitable for the memory impaired and why?

Engage the mind with a movie

Is your loved one a movie buff? Do they love telling long stories? How about going to the movies and tuning into a story? It’s a great way to engage and uplift the mind of someone suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s.

According to Alzheimer’’s article Best Movies and TV Shows for Alzheimer’s Patients, When seniors with Alzheimer’s watch a favourite movie or television show, it can stir positive memories and inspire good feelings about the caregivers and loved ones in their lives.” Read the full article for assistance choosing the right movie for your loved one with Alzheimer’s or Dementia.

If you’re loved one lives in Camberwell, great news! Both Camberwell and Hawthorn have two aged care-friendly cinemas. They are the Rivoli and the Lido Cinemas. Better still, both cinemas aged-care friendly with wheelchair accessibility. Furthermore, they offer senior discounts age-appropriate movies. Perhaps more interestingly, they both have a historical story of their own to tell.

Rivoli cinema

Rivoli cinemas was already a popular theatre in 1921. It was updated and re-opened as a cinema in 1940. Its theatre layout still remains in the main cinema (Cinema 1). So you can still experience its history first hand.

Lido, built in 1912, was the go-to theatre of Hawthorn. After years of being transformed into Dance Schools and Music Halls, it was eventually restored as a beautiful theatre in 2015. It now plays old black and white classics, arthouse movies. They even show local film projects from the students at Swinburne University.

Now you can go back in time and reminisce at this classic theatre. It is just down the road in Hawthorn. Better still, it’s serviced by both a train & tram.

Benefits of art to those with memory impairments

Assisted Living Federation of America (ALFA), tells us that “Making art can be an enjoyable experience that focuses the participant away from daily concerns and on the creative process. Some seniors, particularly those with cognitive, memory, and other impairments, may receive additional benefits.” This is quoted in the article Inside Assisted Living Art Therapy Program by A Place For Mum, which includes ALFA’S list of benefits of Art Therapy for participants with dementia and Alzheimer’s.

These benefits include; relieving stress, improving motor skills, cognitive skills and facilitating communication.

Does your loved one suffer from dementia or Alzheimer’s and live in an aged care facility or nursing home in Camberwell, Surrey Hills, Burwood or Box Hill? Then they might be interested in participating in the Adult Art Classes at the Camberwell Community Centre. These classes focus on everything from watercolour painting, drawing, studio painting to pottery.

Family Time / Activities

When people are first diagnosed with dementia or Alzheimer’s, often family and friends keep their distance. That may be because they don’t know what to say or do. This can increase the stress of the person suffering. So it’s important that those with dementia or Alzheimer’s stay in a community.

Alternately, they should have regular contact with the same group of people. Activities with the family are a great way to do this. Particularly, outdoor activities, as it breaks up the person’s day-to-day indoor routine.

Camberwell and its surrounding areas Canterbury, Surrey Hills and Burwood have several beautiful parks. In particular, Read Gardens is a perfect location for either a walk or a barbecue with the family. Not only is the greenery dazzling (particularly in Autumn), it also has play equipment if the grandchildren are joining in on the fun. Also, it’s a 3-minute walk from Camberwell station and tram stop 62, if you’re taking public transport.

Open Gardens

Another fun family activity if you love nature is Open Gardens tours. Open Gardens is an event in which residents with beautiful gardens or historical homes open up their doors to the public. Visitors pay $8 to visit multiple homes and sites. These $8 fees are collected and donated to charities (listed on the Open Gardens website). Occasionally, tours are conducted of properties in Camberwell and the surrounding suburbs.

Spending time with family is a great way to prevent isolation and bring familiarity. For more places to spend quality time with your loved one, see Aged Care Weekly’s article Dementia & Alzheimer’s-Friendly Cafes in Camberwell. 

All of these activities help to engage both the mind and heart of those with memory impairments. They encourage and uplift the person, increase their sense of connection and decrease stress. If you’re looking for more fun activities for those in aged care or with memory impairment in Camberwell, contact us.

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