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These senior ladies flaunts their New Year's party props.

Everybody loves to ring in the new calendar year, so better prepare a senior-friendly New Year’s party. This way, even the elderly family members can join the festivities and all its activities. After all, it’s a perfect time for the young and old to bond and celebrate together.

There are many other ways to revel in a senior-friendly New Year’s party.

A Senior-Friendly New Year’s Party Involve a Healthy Dinner

Of course, nobody wants anyone to feel left out, especially during eating time. Likewise, no one would enjoy a boring dinner that only has salads and other unappetizing foods. While everyone should consider the seniors’ meal requirements, it doesn’t mean that all must suffer! Keep the balance when it comes to food preparation. Have a mix of elderly-friendly, kid-friendly, and healthy adult-friendly meals. Think about sweets and sausages for kids and steak and other meat for adults. For seniors, serve fish and nuts that are rich in Omega-3 as well as some leafy greens. Sparkling cider would be perfect for seniors as an alcohol replacement. See? Everyone can delight in good food even when aiming for a senior-friendly New Year’s party.

A Senior-Friendly New Year’s Party Means Celebrating It Earlier

It is a given that not all seniors can stay up until midnight to literally welcome in 2018. So, as an adjustment, the family can simply host the feast and games earlier. Vote for a specific time to do it, let’s say lunchtime or at sunset. This way, the elderly family members can join in the fun. Besides, the rest of the family can still wait for the midnight fireworks and enjoy some BBQ. On the other hand, the seniors can join you at midnight or rest after the senior-friendly New Year’s party.

Games Make a Senior-Friendly New Year’s Party More Fun

A New Year’s party won’t be complete without some games in it. So, think of adding a game or two that’s suitable for the older family members. This way, everyone can equally have their share of excitement.

Now, when it comes to party games for seniors, skip the board games. Scrabble, bridge and rummy, and crossword puzzles are some things they regularly do already. This is especially true for seniors who live in an aged care facility or a retirement village. Here are some new game suggestions for the elderly:

1. Wii games like bowling or golf

Kids are not the only ones who will enjoy virtual games. Capture some grannie and grandkid moment over a Wii bowling or golf battle. Exciting, isn’t it?

2. Charades

Charades is another entertaining game for all ages. The seniors will enjoy this for sure. Just remember to include celebrity icons from their era on the draw lots.

3. Name that song

Many seniors love music and this game is something they would love to participate in. Have a combination of oldies plus new generation songs for guessing. This way, everyone can be part of the fun.

Of course, games won’t be complete without prizes. So, don’t forget to shop for prizes ahead of the senior-friendly New Year’s party.

Other Ways to Celebrate a Senior-Friendly New Year’s Party

There are many other ways to revel in a senior-friendly New Year’s party. In fact, healthier seniors can join their families in welcoming the New Year in the Aussie way. These include going to public countdowns where they can watch the much-awaited fireworks display. They can also do it on a cruise or at the beach. Just be sure to bring some first aid kits for emergencies. Perhaps, it is also best to celebrate it some place provided that the place is accessible to hospitals. This way, everybody can be at peace should an emergency arise. These are just some of the recommended ways to host a New Year’s party for seniors. At the end of the day, family members know exactly what kind of celebration their senior loved ones will enjoy.

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